A quest for wellness and a sense of the sacred


Faith, science and family for Francesco Boscarino 

The story of Villa Boscarino, and of the man behind it, begins in the contrada Palazzello, a neighbourhood in > upper Ragusa. Not only a man, but a physician, passionate and courageous, who on his return from his studies in Paris in the late 1800s was confronted with a serious cholera epidemic in his home town. 


The land upon which Villa Boscarino was built had been purchased by Francesco the physician, “Ciccio” to his friends and family, and his recent bride Teresa, in pursuit of their dream for a small house in the countryside that would provide the silence and peace so beneficial to both body and soul. The recent inauspicious events would extend this quest for wellbeing and safety to the newlyweds’ close family members: a small house would no longer do. To protect his family and revitalise his energies, now essential for the entire community, he decided to build Villa Boscarino. 


The villa was now no longer intended just as a home, but also as a place for prayer, for a renewal of faith in a brighter future, to renew one’s energies and safeguard one’s wellbeing no matter how difficult the times. This family cornerstone would require not only living spaces but also a space dedicated to the sacred, giving rise to the beautiful chapel, on Catalonian neo-gothic lines. There would also be a “thinking spot”, once immersed in the garden’s greenery, today next to the pool. A small lodge for use as a studio by the young physician, secluded from the games of the numerous children.


The idea was fortunate and the numerous family successfully survived the pandemic, later spending many a happy summer vacation at the house, amid the laughter of children, languid and peaceful afternoons, moments of recollection, or celebration, and welcoming successive generations.


And I often thought longingly of a small house hidden away in the countryside but close to the town, where I could find refuge from times of weariness and discouragement, somewhere to hide and there find peace.

Dr. Francesco Boscarino


> Upper Ragusa: just a stroll from the hotel you can discover fascinating buildings perfect for a short itinerary close by, such as the noted Baroque palaces of Palazzo Zacco, Palazzo Schininà, Palazzo Lupis and Palazzo Bertini. Last but not least the Cathedral of Saint John the Bapstist, erected shortly after the devastating earthquake in 1693, also in Baroque style. 


 A place for "arricriarsi"


A term in Sicilian dialect akin to the term Ricrearsi, meaning recreate, or find oneself satisfied to the point of finding oneself personally regenerated, reborn, s'arrecrea.


Time passes and traditions change by the inherent spirituality of a place is never lost; it may subtly change, it’s true, to provide new possibilities to guests in search of beauty and tranquillity. The quest for wellness isn’t merely a case of clinical factors, which is why a holiday should be the perfect balance between care of the body and of the mind, between a discovery of new places, entertainment and contemplation. for this reason. For this very reason Villa Boscarino has today found a new life thanks to Mara, a descendant of the young Ragusan physician, who today manages the hotel. Today as in the past, the villa is a place providing hospitality with a dedication to ensuring the wellbeing of its guests.

To cater to the demands of guests who today chose to sojourn at the villa, the ancient chapel has been restructured and refurbished as a breakfast room, extending into a > winter garden that makes the awakening experience even more suggestive. The sacred repast of breakfast is enhanced with fresh organic zero km produce, specially selected for this moment of celebration. 


The “thinking spot” has instead been transformed into a > small poolside bar, creating a place of relaxation and contemplation for our guests. Surrounded by a verdant garden offering > moments of tranquillity and wellbeing any time of the day: a natural space, redolent with history, an oasis of time and soul.


“The spiritual reawakening is the most essential thing in the life of a man, the only reasn for existing”



> Winter garden: Holy breakfast is the fundamental ethos for breakfast at the Villa. A selection of local products, all organic, melba toast made from ancient grains, jams, yoghurt and fruit juices, fresh almond milk and a fine selection of savoury foods, hams and cheeses. 

> small poolside bar: for a relaxing pause after a day of visiting ancient palaces and hikes through the Ragusan countryside. Enjoy a refreshing aperitif before your evening out in the historic centre of town. 

> moments of tranquillity and wellbeing: Our offers dedicated to relaxation include three different types of massage for finding peace of mind and body, as well as collective yoga sessions. Find out more at the Villa’s reception; you can enjoy these special relaxing moments either in the garden or in your own room.



Notes of a journey

There’s a place in Sicily where tradition, spirituality and magic meet.

Notes of a journey

Authentic Sicilian holidays

Notes of a journey

Among the many wonders of Sicily there is without a doubt the sea, which has little to envy exotic and faraway destinations.

Notes of a journey

Like the better known Zingaro nature reserve, the Vendicari reserve was established in 1984, enriching Sicily with an uncontaminated territory, within a coastal zone surrounding Syracuse that is itself highly anthropised and industrialised.

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Often our guests ask us this question. It’s all the fault - or merit - as the inhabitants of upper Ragusa would say - of an earthquake, known to history as “u teremotu ranni”.

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A 3 day immersion in local charm and gourmet fare

Notes of a journey

Each time we plan a trip, we define an itinerary; we choose the places we’d like to visit and at the same time - inevitably - we look for a place to restore ourselves, to rest, a kind of home away from home. A place where, for a few days, we will be looking for that much-needed sense of well-being.

Notes of a journey

In Sicily, the festivities celebrating Easter have always been among those most deeply-rooted in tradition, perhaps because they so well represent the cycle of life and the magic of faith

Notes of a journey

A pattern of recurring events can determine a place’s identity, and every time I look back over the villa’s history, I see a succession of very different people and situations, all united by a common trait. For each and every person that has lived here, Villa Boscarino has consistently been a place of welcome, care and refuge. And today it remains so for the guests who stay here in search of relaxation and culture. In the past, the villa was a refuge for my family during the hot summer month

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The Hyblean landscape extends throughout south eastern Sicily, its mountain range defining this part of the territory in a unique way. The rock that makes up this mountainous mass, of which the uppermost peak is Mount Lauro (986 m) boasts ancient, volcanic origins. Sandstone and basalt flows developed to create singular landscapes, characterised by the Cave

Notes of a journey

The story of Villa Boscarino, and of the man behind it, begins in the contrada Palazzello, a neighbourhood in > upper Ragusa. Not only a man, but a physician, passionate and courageous, who on his return from his studies in Paris in the late 1800s was confronted with a serious cholera epidemic in his home town.

Notes of a journey

A land that inspires... This island, in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, has given birth to great authors and fabulous tales whose protagonists have entered the common narrative. Numerous men of letters have walked its city lanes, applying an infallible intuition to their explorations.