The best beaches around Ragusa

Nature and beauty

Among the many wonders of Sicily there is without a doubt the sea, which has little to envy exotic and faraway destinations. In the region around Ragusa you will discover beautiful and unique beaches drenched in history.

Setting out from Marina di Ragusa, you’ll find yourself within easy reach of several highly-evocative locations, and for those who so wish, it’s possible to rent a bicycle and ride along the coast on a discovering its wonders. 

>> Bike rental:

Just a few kilometres from Marina di Ragusa is Punta Secca, a small fishing village that enjoys the reputation as the most famous seaside resort in Santa Croce Camerina, perhaps also because it’s right here that the famed house of Montalbano is located. (link all’articolo sulla letterature e cinema)

Known as 'a sicca' by the locals for its cliff that runs at the water's edge and develops as a reef in front of the eastern beach. 

Also nearby is Randello beach, a long strip of sand and dunes enclosed within a vast inlet between Punta Braccetto and Scoglitti. Its vast pine forest is part of the Cava Randello, a pristine Nature Reserve and protected area in the Ragusa municipality. Among the eucalyptus, cypress, holm and oak trees are also some of the necropoles of the Kamarina archaeological park. This expanse of sand has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy by the Touring Club, but as it’s rarely crowded, it’s ideal for those who love tranquillity.

Also close to Marina di Ragusa, but in the opposite direction, is the village of Donnalucata, another hamlet of Scicli, located right in the middle of two wide beaches: Micenci and Ponente

Micenci stretches out for six kilometres, extending as far as Cava d'Aliga, and is popular with locals because of the characteristic breakwaters that create calm stretches of sea, perfect as a family beach. 

Ponente - connected to Micenci by the Via Marina promenade - is smaller but still very welcoming; bordered by the pier of the small port of Donnalucata on one side and by a cliff leading towards Playa Grande on the other. In many scenes of Montalbano depict the seafront of Via Marina, which in the series becomes the seafront of Marinella, much loved by the commissioner. 

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>> Where to relax: The beach is well-equipped with several establishments, among which we recommend Jammola, with its excellent fish cuisine, and perfect for a great aperitif at sunset. 


A stone's throw from Scicli is the beach of Sampieri, a little corner of paradise: two kilometres of sandy shore sheltered by a pine forest, golden sand and gently sloping seabed. 

The last stretch, called Pisciotto, is characterised by a high rock-face and perfect diving board. Thsi beach also features the famed Fornace Penna (former brickworks), a wonderful ruin of industrial archaeology that became the screen location for Montalbano's Mannara.

The plentiful services and facilities available offer worry-free relaxation and enjoyment. A convenient parking area and the location’s spectacular beauty make it a highly popular destination, but given its size this does not diminish its attractiveness; in fact, the Touring Clubhas designated Sampieri as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

The adjacent suburban park of Costa Carro, with its cliffs carpeted in Mediterranean maquis and its distinctive vegetation, make it not to miss naturalistic jewel. Also essential visiting are the Grotta dei Colombi and 'a Spaccazza.

>> Where to relax: the Pata Pata establishment is a beach club, restaurant, cocktail bar and also organises small events such as DJ sets. 


 Santa Maria del Focallo, a hamlet of Ispica just 9 km from the main town, is a wonderful stretch of sand characterised by the so-called maccone bianco, a large sand dune. 

Off the coast lies Isola dei Porri, a tiny speck of an island formed mainly by three rocks that in the past served as a refuge for pirates preparing to attack the coastline. 

To the east of Santa Maria del Focallo lies Punta Cirga or Cirica, a cove bordered by a striking white tuff cliff and two 15-metre sea stacks.

A little further on is Porto Ulisse, which Ulysses is said to have reached during his long voyage home. The bay of Porto Ulisse is bordered by Punta Castellazzo, a strip of land stretching out into the sea. It’s in this portion of the sea that the British troops landed in 1943.


The sea has no country either,

and it belongs to everyone who listens to it.

Luigi Pirandello


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Notes of a journey

Among the many wonders of Sicily there is without a doubt the sea, which has little to envy exotic and faraway destinations.

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