Without you all is pointless


Beyond the ceremonia

There’s a place in Sicily where tradition, spirituality and magic meet. 

Nestled between the city and the Hyblaean mountain range lie routes waiting to be explored and enjoyed; breathtaking landscapes ideal for a romantic holiday or to mark an important event, like a wedding.

Villa Boscarino is located in the heart of Ragusa, and is in a perfect position to entertain relatives, friends and newlyweds before and after the ceremony, as a suggestive location or even as a love nest. 

Specialised services for newlyweds such as hairdressing, beauty services and photographer, are easily accessible.

While for those looking for a tailor-made and intimate romantic break, here at the Villa we provide personalised welcome treats that include: room decoration with fresh rose petals, scented candles, handmade chocolates and sparkling wine, or a setup with balloons, greeting cards, sparkling wine and anniversary cake.

The Villa's elegant rooms are ideally suited for enjoying these very special moments.

Whatever the occasion, it will be an unforgettable and unique experience for you and your partner.

"Every single love story, whether lived or invented, manages to be unique and different and unrepeatable compared to the billions of other stories that have already happened, that are happening, that will happen. In short, love cannot be learned either theoretically or by attending someone else’s workshop. It’s learned 

by loving, i.e. by losing oneself."

Andrea Camilleri 

in “Segnali di fumo” (Smoke signals)


> Rooms and suites: Discover our range of proposals at the Villa Boscarino boutique hotel, each one different and perfect for welcoming your guest party. >> link rooms


> Light lunch by the pool: Perfect for continuing celebrations with friends and family even the day after the event, the light lunch served by the pool is certainly a unique way to pamper your guests on your first day as newlyweds. 


A holiday to remember

Villa Boscarino is the ideal place for providing that state of mind that important occasions require, that blend of concentration, abstraction and pure joy; those emotions typical of the eve of the big event, but also that quiet satisfaction that seizes tired limbs after celebrating an important event or anniversary. Such a treat to awaken the next day in the company of your loved ones, pampered by a breakfast served in the Villa’s verdant garden or in the magical family chapel, now restored and extended with an elegant winter garden 

The Villa’s secret garden is an urban oasis of peace, which can also be enjoyed during a private aperitif organised for the newlyweds and their guests.

All of the hotel's premises have been artfully renovated to enhance the Villa’s past and allow many new stories to unfold, building everlasting memories, whether one chooses to stay at the Villa over the days of the event or simply as the location for the ceremony.

The hotel's privileged and central location allows its guests to stroll through the streets of Ragusa and discover its stunning vistas, such as from the famous stairway that leads to the Church of Santa Maria delle Scale where one can take in breathtaking views.

“La nostra casa n`abbrazza e ni vasa.”

Our house welcomes you with embraces and kisses.

Sicilian proverb

> Winter garden: Holy breakfast is the founding concept behind breakfast at the Villa. A selection of local and organic products that will allow you to discover our area of Ragusa through unique flavours and fragrances. 

> Private car park: Villa Boscarino has its own car park, a great convenience for guests who want to discover Ragusa and its surroundings, but also for all those who are looking for an oasis of peace or a place to refresh and enjoy a special moment.


Notes of a journey

There’s a place in Sicily where tradition, spirituality and magic meet.

Notes of a journey

Authentic Sicilian holidays

Notes of a journey

Among the many wonders of Sicily there is without a doubt the sea, which has little to envy exotic and faraway destinations.

Notes of a journey

Like the better known Zingaro nature reserve, the Vendicari reserve was established in 1984, enriching Sicily with an uncontaminated territory, within a coastal zone surrounding Syracuse that is itself highly anthropised and industrialised.

Notes of a journey

Often our guests ask us this question. It’s all the fault - or merit - as the inhabitants of upper Ragusa would say - of an earthquake, known to history as “u teremotu ranni”.

Notes of a journey

A 3 day immersion in local charm and gourmet fare

Notes of a journey

Each time we plan a trip, we define an itinerary; we choose the places we’d like to visit and at the same time - inevitably - we look for a place to restore ourselves, to rest, a kind of home away from home. A place where, for a few days, we will be looking for that much-needed sense of well-being.

Notes of a journey

In Sicily, the festivities celebrating Easter have always been among those most deeply-rooted in tradition, perhaps because they so well represent the cycle of life and the magic of faith

Notes of a journey

A pattern of recurring events can determine a place’s identity, and every time I look back over the villa’s history, I see a succession of very different people and situations, all united by a common trait. For each and every person that has lived here, Villa Boscarino has consistently been a place of welcome, care and refuge. And today it remains so for the guests who stay here in search of relaxation and culture. In the past, the villa was a refuge for my family during the hot summer month

Notes of a journey

The Hyblean landscape extends throughout south eastern Sicily, its mountain range defining this part of the territory in a unique way. The rock that makes up this mountainous mass, of which the uppermost peak is Mount Lauro (986 m) boasts ancient, volcanic origins. Sandstone and basalt flows developed to create singular landscapes, characterised by the Cave

Notes of a journey

The story of Villa Boscarino, and of the man behind it, begins in the contrada Palazzello, a neighbourhood in > upper Ragusa. Not only a man, but a physician, passionate and courageous, who on his return from his studies in Paris in the late 1800s was confronted with a serious cholera epidemic in his home town.

Notes of a journey

A land that inspires... This island, in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, has given birth to great authors and fabulous tales whose protagonists have entered the common narrative. Numerous men of letters have walked its city lanes, applying an infallible intuition to their explorations.